The Cast Of The Waltons: Then and Now -
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The Cast Of "The Waltons": Then and Now

The 70's were pretty crazy, shag carpets, mood rings and bell bottoms were al the rage, and the 60's counterculture movement left everyone wondering what the hell was going on. In come The Waltons, who with a overdose of family friendly wholesomeness transported a tense America to a simpler, more affable time.

Jon Walmsley

The Cast Of The Waltons: Then and Now

Jon Walmsley charmed audiences with his musical talents as Jason Walton, the second oldest brother. After the show ended, he appeared in every one of the Walton’s Reunion specials. His talent served him well later in his career. He branched out into voiceover work, and many recognize him as the voice of Christopher Robin in the Winnie the Pooh cartoons. He also has contributed as a composer and producer to 14 albums, including 2014’s popular holiday-time single “Christmas in America.”

This article was originally published on headstory and has been republished here with permission.

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