Creative Camping - These People Either Have No Idea What They’re Doing, Or They’re Geniuses!

Published on May 21, 2018

All around the world, people love to get out into the great outdoors. Camping is a pastime in many modern cultures even now. There’s something that just pulls us in to switch off from our everyday life, and bring it back to basics. Though it’s not all smores and lake swimming - as these individuals below demonstrate, there are some very curious and creative ways that people like to camp. Take a look at the smart, the dangerous, the confusing, and the absolutely hilarious…

Work Station Serenity

 OK - so generally people seek that serene space of nature to get away from work. Not for this man here, he seems to be the epitome of ‘bringing your work home’, and actually, beyond home… we wonder how his family felt about him bringing all his gadgets and work station on holiday? Looks like someone else can light the fire.