Think You Know Everything About the Amish? Think Again

Published on June 27, 2021

The Amish are one of the most unusual groups in the modern US, and so it comes as no surprise they have sparked curiosity with outsiders. Known for their traditional, simple lifestyle, the Amish emphasize the importance of family and community, while living by their own unique interpretation of the Christian Bible.

From their old-fashion clothing to their barn building, here are some fascinating facts about Amish people.

Some Amish Have Started to Use Electricity 

The Amish indeed shun all forms of modern technology such as electricity, however, in recent years many of the Amish communities have unanimously voted to bring in emergency use of electricity. Amish ban electricity and other modern forms of technology due to their belief in ‘Gelassenheit’, a German word that can be translated to 'letting be'. This belief system prescribes all members of the Amish community to use the earth as God originally intended in their scriptures.