The Secrets Sarah Palin Wouldn't Want The World To Know

Sarah Palin’s rapid climb into the spotlight could not have been foreseen by her family. Perhaps if they had predicted the level of her fame, they would’ve worked harder to bury her secrets. Now that she is in the public eye and every action is being scrutinized by the media, she has to strategically convince the public that she is who she says. 

Sarah and Todd Before Fame

The strongest of marriages, with Palin's 30-year marriage as no exception, are put under strain when constantly scrutinised by the public. However, what if the marriage was weak to start with?

Sarah’s Marriage Is Threatened Because Of Her Past

The media began to speculate that Sarah's marriage was in trouble after she was photographed coming out of the gym without her wedding ring.

However, given the couple’s past, divorce was hardly their biggest worry.

The Baby Bump

After her college days, Sarah and Todd Palin married. Although some considered it to be a tad rushed, many would agree that a short engagement is common amongst couples waiting until their wedding night to consummate their marriage.

However, seven months following their marriage on April 20th, 1989, Track Palin was born. Not nine months after the wedding, but seven. 

Pageant Palin at the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant

Many people would agree that Sarah Palin has a special appeal. In the many parodies she has been portrayed in, whether or humor or other forms, the actresses playing her role are always stunning and impressive. This goes not only in their performance but also in their appearance. 

Palin's past may have something to do with this. Let's flashback to 1984. That year Sarah Palin participated in the 1984 Miss Alaska Pageant. Although shortly after graduating high school she won the Miss Wasilla beauty pageant, she came up short in the Miss Alaska Pageant and finished in third place.

Were the rumors of the affair between this former pageant participant and a famous NBA star true? 

Is That an Enhancement, Sarah? 

Upon arriving at the Belmont Stakes New York horse race in 2010, Sarah Palin's appearance had many in attendance in shock. Her figure was noticeably fuller and was accentuated by her tight, white t-shirt. 

If the rumors were true, this wasn't the first time Palin had experienced alterations to her body. Both family and her supporters have refused to deny that her appearance began to change throughout the years, especially after she became a popular national political figure. Even her daughter Bristol has acknowledged that she's undergone plastic surgery. It makes sense that her mother has done the same. 

The HBO Movie Based on Palin's Life Had One Major Critic: Palin.

A great way for an up and coming politician to get exposure is by having a movie produced that's based on his or her life. The outcome of the movie can usually work in a person's favor. So when Sarah Palin was first put in the spotlight in the 2008 election with running mate John McCain, many people agreed that a movie about her life would be an ideal way to gain publicity.

However, Sarah Palin was not happy with how the movie about her life turned out. It was released in 2012 and called Game Change. Unfortunately it put her in a bad light, implying that she was more concerned about her image than political issues and made her look incompetent. Palin argued that the movie was made "in order to push a biased agenda and drive ratings."

If she didn't like the way her movie turned out, then she definitely wouldn't like the book that was written about her a few years later. 

Palin’s Youngest Child with Down Syndrome Is a Gift From God

Palin's youngest child is named Trig Palin. Trig has Down Syndrome. She learned about Trig's diagnosis when she was four months pregnant with him. She chose to keep this private from her family, even her husband, for some time.

Later, Sarah reported, “Trig is beautiful and already adored by us. We knew through early testing he would face special challenges, and we feel privileged that God would entrust us with this gift and allow us unspeakable joy as he entered our lives. We have faith that every baby is created for good purpose and has potential to make this world a better place. We are truly blessed.”

But is Palin the supermom she appears to be? Some would say no despite this loving statement. 

Willow Is The Life Of The Party

Who doesn't get the urge to let loose and party? Willow Palin is known to be the life of the party according to her classmates. While for most, High School is a time for planning for the future, Willow was especially fond of the parties that came along with it. 

Willow has been accused of her peers of smoking weed since the age of 15. She has also acquired a liking for vodka. The effects of her vices can be seen in 2013 when she got into a drunken fight with several in her family. 

Hubby Todd Loves to Race on Ice

Although many of us may not find the idea of living in cold Alaska, there are upsides to living in such a beautiful state. This type of environment doesn't mean you have to hate the cold outdoors - but instead, you can enjoy the beautiful snow. 

Like many in Alaska, Sarah Palin's husband Todd enjoys the outdoors, especially when there is plenty of snow as an enthusiastic snowmobile racer. His avid love for snowmobile racing was parodied on Saturday Night Live. 

Drunken Fight in the Palin Household

If you've ever been invited to a snowmobile party, there's one rule to follow: what happens at the party, stays at the party. A beer or two is really going to get the party going. 

You may know all too well that when alcohol is involved, things can go from calm to crazy in just minutes. This is especially true at a Palin party. In September 2013 a fight escalated quickly. Allegedly Bristol and Track Palin were in the middle of a fight punching each other. It's reported that Sarah Palin shouted, “Don’t you know who I am?”. The cause of the fight? Willow's ex-boyfriend. 

It's rumored in a tell-all book about the Palins that not only alcohol is consumed at the Palin parties...

Sarah Goes from Number Three to Number One

As a participant in the Miss Alaska Pageant in 1984, Sarah competed against the finest and most impressive women that could be found in the state of Alaska. However, Palin ended up in third place after a hard fight against the other contestants. 

Sarah Palin redeemed herself in 1996 when she became the first female governor in Alaska. Among her other accomplishments, Palin was also the mayor of Wasilla. Many believed that she should be considered as inexperienced when she first became governor however this position in office gave her the media attention she needed to become a public figure. 

Palin - An Ambassador to Canada?

The rumors were flying in 2017 that Sarah Palin was in line to become an Ambassador to Canada under Trump's administration. When the Canadian Prime Minister was ready to meet Donald Trump for the first time, the speculating began. Canadians responded instantaneously with a firm "no thank you".

Canadian politicians used social media to express their disapproval of the idea of Palin as their ambassador shortly after White House press secretary Sean Spicer refused to deny the rumor. A tweet from  Member of Parliament, Charlie Angus, expressed  “Well that would show how little Steve Bannon and his pal @realDonaldTrump think of Canada.” Her appointment was likened to a "traveling carnival". 

Former News Anchor Palin

It's true for many people that our career paths take many twists and turns after college. Sarah Palin is no exception. Although many believe that Sarah Palin's love for politics was always in the cards, she had other plans of going in a entirely different career direction. 

Palin studied journalism and had a bachelors degree in communications with the hope of becoming a sports reporter. This decision may have stemmed from her being an great athlete. She was able to reach her goal and became a sportscaster a a new station in Anchorage for some time. 

But like many, she had a few secret extracurricular interest while she attended college...

Beware of the Barracuda

A part of her popularity as the first woman governor of Alaska, and a former beauty queen, Saran holds yet another hat in the state. It seems that she was quite the athlete and made a name for herself in the world of high school sports. 

Like many, Sarah Palin developed quite the reputation on the basketball court. Basketball can get rough and aggressive and apparently this is how Palin played the game. She even earned a unique nickname during her high school career and was referred to as "The Barracuda". Senior year she proved to be a star athlete and was even co-captain of the basketball team. In 1982 she led her team to win the state championship. The Barracuda was clearly identified by her aggressive style of playing. 

Her attraction to a later NBA player may have been influenced by her performance on the court.

Who is the Despised Levi Johnston?

Who is this Levi Johnston we speak of? Why is he so hated by the Palins? Levi Johnston is responsible for Bristol Palin's pregnancy. He has been a problem for the Palin's since 2008 and has been involved in many of the Palin's family feuds. 

He is quick to give his opinion about the Palin's, withholding none of the details. He even shares the family's dark secrets on television. He claims that Sarah Palin knew that he and Bristol were intimate and that Palin was being hypocritical. Not surprisingly Levi dropped out of the running of governor of Wasilla in 2010 because of his six percent approval rating. 

Track Palin Gets Arrested for Domestic Violence

In addition to the rest of the family, Sarah Palin's oldest son Track has even gotten himself into trouble. He was arrested by the police when he was reported for domestic violence. When Wasilla police arrived at his home they found Track intoxicated and wielding a firearm. 

After an investigation, it was proved that Track got into an argument with a woman and that he had tried to keep her from reporting him. Sarah's response to it in the news was, “It’s a shame that our military personnel even have to wonder, if they have to question, if they’re respected anymore. It starts from the top. The question though that comes from our own president where they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through?”

Bristol's Pregnancies

You might say that Briston Palin is experienced in birthing a baby. She knows the ups and downs of motherhood. She had her first child with the loathed Levi Johnston when she was only in her teens. Although for some time their relationship hit a rough patch, they eventually worked through things and got married. 

Bristol Palin found out she was pregnant with her second child in 2015 and claimed they were overjoyed with the planned pregnancy. Later Bristol revealed she was disappointed to be having another baby. 

Delicious Moose Stew

Being American, you know all about hotdogs, hamburgers, and Kraft mac'n'cheese but there are a lot of meals that aren't as common. In some placed certain food is unheard of. 

You may well be shocked to learn that, although it's technically a state in America, Alaska has one such meal. It is a delicacy known as moose stew. It may be odd, even humorous to you to learn that Sarah Palin's favorite food is moose stew. What a strange world we live in.

Hard To Choose Just One University

After high school, there are countless options to choose from college wise. It is usually a hard decision for young men and women to choose with college or university to attend. It isn't uncommon for a student to change schools, even several times before they find the right one and earn their college degree. 

LIke most, Sarah Palin attended various colleges and universities throughout her college life. She started at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, but later transferred to Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu. After that she moved to North Idaho College and on to the University of Idaho in Moscow in 1984. Her journey later took her to Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska until she ended up in the University of Idaho in 1986 and finally earned her bachelor's degree. 

Sarah’s “First Dude”

Pet names. People have them for their cats, dogs, and yes even their loved ones. Everyone does it. It shows just how much you love the person and how close your bond is. It has been the norm throughout history. 

While some pet names are appropriate, others can be described as outright ridiculous. In the 1980s, when Sarah Palin left her job as a newscaster in Anchorage, she went on to marry Todd Palin. That's when she started to work in the comercial fishing industry with her new husband. That's where the pet name comes in. She calls her husband the "First Dude."

Is Sarah Palin Really an Alaskan?

Over the years, Sarah Louise Palin has done a lot for the state of Alaska. Her fame started in her teenage years when she was known as the "Barracuda" to fellow basketball players. Then she came in third in the miss Alaska Pageant. But how does a aggressive basketball player become a beauty pageant contestant? Clearly anything is possible.

Palin has worked hard to prove that breaking the gender barrier is possible when it came to the politics of the states of Alaska. She was elected as a mayor and also the governor in the same year. But did you know that Sarah Palin isn't even from Alaska?  She was born in Sandpoint, Idaho and moved to Alaska when she was still a baby. 

Palin Has a Gun, So Watch It!

It is no secret that Sarah Palin works to promote the conservative cause. She is a partisan Republian and will do anything for the Party. She supports and promotes conservative values even though the headlines she makes suggest otherwise. She finds family values and devotion to the country to be a strong pull to the Republican Party.

As you may have already been aware, being republican means Sarah Palin is pro-gun rights. She even has her own. Throughout her life she has been a member of the NRA and enjoys fishing, hunting and much, much more. 

Palin is Pro-Israel

While as an Evangelical Christian and Republican, Sarah fully supports the "preservation of the State of Israel." She has continued to strongly give her support to Israel. We can see it by her display of the country's flag in her office and the pin she wore as Governor that has both the American and Israeli flag on it. 

Her pro-Israel support comes partly from her faith as an Evangelical Christian. Morton Klein is the president of the Zionist Organization of America. He explains the connections between the two faiths. He says,  “Evangelicals are more supportive of Israel because they believe in the Bible.” Palin's support went as far as visiting Israel in 2011 and in 2015 congratulated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for winning his fourth term in office. 

Katie Couric Goes One on One with Sarah Palin

If you've ever been interviewed for a job or on television you know that stage fright is inevitable. Suddenly even the simplest words get wrapped around your tongue and you begin to sputter and stutter your way through. 

One of Sarah Palins more memorable interviews was with Katie Couric in which she was overcome by nervousness. Even simple questions became too much for Sarah that she was not able to answer. Later Palin addmited that she was "manipulated" by one of John McCain's aides to do the interview. She also felt that she was being badgered by Katie Couric. Who can say if that's really true or if Sarah was just afraid. 

Sarah Splurges on a Shopping Spree

What would you do if you suddenly came into a big bundle of money? Like most of us you would be tempted to splurge. When Sarah Palin was the center of attention in 2008 during the presidential campaign, she suddenly had access to a lot of money. This was from the campaign funds from the Republican National Committee and she definatly splurged. 

Between clothing and other items, she spent $150,000. $75,00 was spent at Neiman Marcus alone. That doesn't include the new expensive headphones, a birthday dress for her daughter, and another $50,000 spent at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Bombshell Biography

Joe McGinniss wrote a shocking biography on Palin, revealing all the startling secrets. It's titled The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin. It tells of Palin's alleged affair with Glen Rice an NBA star right before her marriage to Todd. In his book, McGinniss accuses Palin of cheating on her husband several times. 

He goes on to reveal that Sarah smoked pot in college and once even snorted cocaine off an oil drum. The book paints Palin as a neglectful mother who frequently abandoned her children, leaving them alone for long periods of time. 

Love at First Sight?

You will never forget the first time you saw your significant other. Perhaps it was instant love, or maybe it took time and eventually grew. Sarah Palin remembers seeing Todd for the first time and knew he was exactly what she wanted.

When she saw Todd for the first time at a high school basketball game she said, "Thank you, God." How could she have known that they would end up marrying? She knew she could make him fall for her. Perhaps it was the moose stew she made him that brought him to the same realization. 

Sarah’s Parents 

This is Chuck and Sally Health. They are Sarah Palin's parents. When the two met, they were both working at the school. Chuck was the science teacher and Sally was the school Secretary. Eventually, they found each other and everything worked out. 

In addition to teaching, Chuck was a hunting and fishing guide. He also worked as a bartender for the Alaskan Railroad. Times were tough but he worked hard to make ends meet. Despite hard times, the two have stayed together through it all. Above you can see them pictured with Trump and their daughter. 

We need Witnesses!

It is normal for young couples to be so in love that they don't want to wait a day longer for the wedding. That's when eloping comes in and that is how Todd and Sarah Palin handled the situation. Unfortunately, they still needed witnesses to get married. 

What did they do? They headed next door to the nursing home and found two witnesses, one in a wheelchair and the other with a walker. However, because of this spontaneous decision, they were unable to have their loved ones witness the happy moment. 

Where Track Got His Name From

One of the challenges of parenthood is picking a name for your newborn. What will you call this sweet baby for the rest of your life? We've heard all the crazy and even questionable names celebrities are giving their kids these days; Rocket, North, and Apple just to name a few. 

Although we can't know exactly what these parents were thinking, we do know how Sarah named her son Track. Track was her favorite spring sport and he was born during the season. She even commented that if he had been born during basketball season his name might have been "Hoops". 

The Elite Six

You may have been part of a group of friends at some point that was more like an elite club. Maybe you all played music or exercised together. That type of friend group is exactly what Sarah Palin has with her five friends. They started an exercise team known as the Elite Six. 

It all started in the 1990s when they would do aerobics together at the Alaska State Fair. It earned them free food and parking. Not a bad gig. You get to spend all day with your friends getting in shape and in return you get free food. 

Helping Pave the Way

In the presidential campaign of 2008, Sarah Palin ran as the second female vice presidential candidate. The only other woman was Geraldine Ferraro who had ran in 1984. Not only that, but she was the first Alaskan on a national ticket. This gave other women encouragement to get involved in politics. 

Sarah Palin was also the first female vice presidential nominee of the Republican Party in history. We could even say that Palin paved the way for Clinton in some respects by being such an active woman in politics. 

Making Calls To Everyone

Unlike many of her predecessors, Sarah Palin took hearing the people into her own hands. When she first became mayor, she had a jar full of the names of all the citizens in Wasilla. She would draw one name a week and give them a call. 

She would start by asking the citizen, "how is the city doing?". It was a bold move that most mayors could not have pulled off because not all citizens agree with each other and it is almost impossible to please everyone.

Bring out the Wolves

Over the years Sarah Palin has supported some questionable policies. One of these involves the killing of wolves. Palin supported a policy in 2007 that would make it legal for hunters to shoot wolves while the person was airborne. This makes the hunt unfair to the wolves. 

Not only did she support this policy but she also supported the $150 bounty that was put on each wolf. A harsh punishment for such a beautiful animal. 

Going Rogue

It is common knowledge to know how much a movie makes at the box office or what the album sales are, but rarely do we know how well a book sold. Usually we just see the "New York Times Bestseller" sticker on the front of the book but we still don't know how many really sold. 

Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue sold 300,000 on its first day. It was on the of the greatest releases for a nonfiction book. By comparison, Bill Clinton sold 400,000 copies of his book on the first day of the release. She is set to make millions from this book. 

Local Librarian Should Have Listened To Palin!

If the mayor has ever asked you to do something it's likely that you'll do it. In fact, it would be a smart idea. It ended up costing a local librarian when she did not adhere to Sarah Palin's request. Palin had asked Marry Ellen Emmons if she could approve of censoring books. 

She responded to Palin that she would definitely not support this. A few weeks later she received a letter of termination from Palin. All she was asked to do was censor a few books but maybe it was something else she was standing up for. 

Jumping the Gun!

An indoor sports facility can really help a community. If gives kids a safe place to play or practice the sports they love and keeps them out of trouble. It keeps parents free from worry. An indoor facility is ideal in any community. Who wouldn't want one?

Sarah Palin saw the advantages of opening a facility like this. She even made a huge contribution to it as mayor. However, she had authorized the money for it before she had the title for the land. This cost over $1.3 million in legal fees. 

When Bashing Obama Provokes Positive Change

Like most at one time or another, Sarah Palin has critiqued Barack Obama. This time though, it had a positive outcome. She was upset with his work as a community organizer. That's when the Community Organizers of America made a site called "Organizers Fight Back."

On this site, you could send donations that would be put towards the "Sarah Palin Action Fund". The money would be used to train new community organizers. Following this event, many new trained community organizers are ready to start work. 

How Their Names Were All Inspired

Now that we know how Track got his unique name, what about the rest of the children? Is there a story for all of them? According to Sarah there is. They all have interesting and unique names with a backstory. 

For example, Bristol's name comes from the ocean bay where Palin spends much of her time fishing. Willow is named after the Alaskan State Bird, the willow ptarmigan. And finally Piper Indy was named after the Piper Cub that Todd flies. 

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

As far as embarrassing moments go, you'd probably agree that finally getting to kiss your crush then doing it so badly that the other person tells everybody has to be at the top of the list. You likely haven't been in that situtation, but Sarah Palin has. 

She tells us about it in her book Going Rogue. Her husband Todd told all his buddies in high school that Sarah did not know how to kiss. Regardless he stayed with her but probably because she eventually got got better. No one likes kissing a bad kisser. 

Sarah Tries to Cover her Back

Once when Sarah Palin was running for vice president, she was asked if she had ever met a foreign head of state. She of course responded that she had not then explained that not may vice presidents meet a head of state before being elected. 

History tells a different story. Over the last 30 years, every vice president has met foreign heads of state before taking office. This did not look good for her. She came across as uninformed and trying to make herself look better.